About us

 Welcome to greater health and happiness!

Anuenue believes that we are what we eat, drink, feel and do. So after opening our hearts to the world, we opened our doors. Health and happiness are the result of a holistic approach to our lifestyles…and that’s what we want for you!



Why tea?

Tea is the delicate distillation of essential nutrients from plants. It heals our bodies, aids digestion, boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, tones essential organs and releases toxins, among many other benefits. Unlike coffee, caffeine in green tea acts differently in the body and is released much more slowly into the bloodstream thereby avoiding spikes in energy. Sudden spikes in energy followed by sudden drops, sets us up for addictive behavior – similar to drug addicts. People train their bodies to become dependent on coffee. We lose our inner balance and harmony. It is best to limit our coffee intake. By drinking herbal teas, we can bring back harmony and wellness into our lives.

‘Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.’  ~ Hippocrates


Does quality really matter?

Absolutely! The quality of what we eat and drink is paramount. When we put inferior quality ingredients into our bodies we do ourselves a disservice, as not only do the ingredients lack effectiveness, but also, we waste our money.




 Homemade – our food is homemade and handmade. This equals fresh, high quality food with superior flavor and yummy goodness.

 Homebrewed – our teas go through a long and carefully-monitored natural process on the premises. They are blended according to their healing and nurturing properties, and delicious taste!

 Raw Local Honey – known for over 10,000 years as a healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, nourishing wonder. It aids digestion by providing enzymes, and unlikesugar or regularhoney, raw honeyis alkaline in the body. A more alkaline diet is vital for good health.